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Client: North 70

Concept: Rebirth

North 70 took an older warehouse and office space in desperate need of repair and modernized it with a new exterior and a fresh white box spec. suite to cater to potential new tenants.  The exterior entries were completely overhauled and updated with new EIFS surrounds and awnings, and a new ADA ramp. Old equipment and awnings were removed to meet the new design. The Interior warehouse was completely repaired and opened up, and provided with a full LED lighting package that meets the current energy code.  The interior office suites were completely renovated and updated to include a new open floor plan, new floor finishes, ceilings, LED lighting, offices, break rooms with new cabinetry, and a glass fronted conference room at the main suite entry.

Please visit our gallery to see other project photos.

  • Before-Exterior
    Before Exterior After
  • Before-Women's Bath
    After-Women's Bath
    Before Women's Bath After
  • Before-Women's Bath 2
    After-Women's Bath 2
    Before Women's Bath 2 After
  • Before-Warehouse
    Before Warehouse After
  • Before-Open Office
    After-Open Office
    Before Open Office After
  • Before-Room
    Before Room After
  • Before-Reception
    Before Reception After


“We recently collaborated with Tina Barnard Designs on a fast-paced interior construction and fit-out project just outside of `Raleigh-Durham Airport. Tina and her team proved to be an invaluable partner, helping us navigate the local industry — from codes and permitting through bidding and construction administration. I wholeheartedly recommend her and her team as a partner firm.”

Barak Pliskin, Pliskin Architecture, PLLC

“Tina provides that needed balance between creativity and efficiency that many architects lack. She is extremely reliable, typically exceeds timelines for projects, and has great attention to detail.”

Rich Harris, Market Leader at Cushman & Wakefield

“Tina is wonderful to work with. She listens to both owner's and tenant's input and always comes up with a solution that satisfies both. She is very professional and always meets deadlines. I would definitely recommend her services.”

Nancy Burns, FMA, RPA