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TBD Holiday Party


Another year has flown by for the TBD team, so in early November we took a moment to reflect on abundance of interior projects we completed together in 2016. First off this past year has marked significant growth for our firm, as TBD added three additional staff members, two designers and one administrative assistant, making our team nine strong!  Second, we increase our project work load at leaps and bounds from previous years in both volume and the variety of buildings.  Third our good fortune also included the addition of two healthy babies born to our families this year!

To celebrate these accomplishments, we kicked off the holiday season with a company dinner at Vivace, an amazing Italian restaurant in Raleigh with all of the TBD staff and their significant others.  It was a joy to meet our new staff members’ spouses, sip fine wine and savor the cuisine, in the warm atmosphere of Vivace’s private dining room.  The conversations ran strong as we caught up on each others lives outside the office and shared stories of our children.  We also enjoyed a gift exchange which included a surprisingly calm swaps and trades among party participants. It is always fun to be seated in the restaurant’s long family style table, but next year we might actually outgrow the room!  

We wish all our clients, colleagues and vendors a joyful holiday season!