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TBD Fit Challenge

Our firm designs many corporate projects on a fast tracked schedule and after the end of year celebrations and a more leisurely paced December, we typically return to the office in January with a full project load.  After the holidays, we enjoy returning to the rhythms of a regular work schedule, but this year we are fortunate to have an overflowing docket of projects.  In order to meet our client’s expectations of continued quick turnaround, our staff needed to step up to this additional challenge.  To assist the TBD staff to maintain a work/life balance during this period, Tina kicked off the first staff meeting of the new year with the introduction of the TBD Fit Challenge.

First off we all received the latest Fitbit combo watch and fitness tracker, which is an amazing tool to keep track of your daily exercise, sleep, steps taken, heartbeat, etc. Then the three parameters of the Fit Challenge were outlined to the staff: 1) Walk 30 minutes daily, 2) Move 10,00 steps daily and 3) Sleep eight hours daily Monday through Friday for the entire month!  Now beyond the research that promotes all three items for good health, stress reduction and work/life balance, TBD sweetened the Fit Challenge by adding a monetary reward to each daily item meet, plus an extra $100 to the staff member who meets the MOST total combined items during January.

The TBD Fit Challenge ended up fostering team building, promoting good health and also brought out the competitive spirit in our staff.