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TBD Beach Retreat 2019

This year the TBD family went to Oak Island, NC for our annual company beach retreat. The team had a great time hanging out with everyone and their families. There were so many memories made this year. Whether it was watching the hockey game together and screaming at the TV, or chasing crabs around on the sand, the entire weekend was filled with fun. The kids lost their Nerf bullets in about 5 minutes and the 30+ cups of play-dough were smashed together into a brown blob in about 10 minutes 🙂  As always, we included our classic corn hole tournament. Kate and Jennifer took the win this year! We managed to destroy everyone’s diet by eating tacos, hamburgers, hot dogs, and doughnuts all weekend. Thankfully it was a successful weekend because the weather was perfect and no one was stung by a jellyfish. All in all, it was an incredible retreat and a great way to show our team how much we appreciate their hard work.